WheyClean came to be after a chance meeting between Derick Hughes and Mike Wasyl, unlikely roommates at The College of New Jersey. Both were recent transfers to the school, Derick the new kicker on the football team and Mike a personal trainer working his way through school.  Between busy days, the gym, and practice,  they realized they had a problem piling up in the sink...dirty shaker bottles! When not cleaned immediately, supplements and protein left disgusting stains, odors, and residues that were very challenging to remove, especially after a day or so cooking in the car! Stinking containers ended up in the locker room, gym bag, and car, only to be used reluctantly.  After years of wasted money and time, they had enough. From work, to the gym, to the field, they realized that the solution to the dirty shaker bottle problem had to be portable, fast, and powerful. It had to deliver a dishwasher-like-clean but be easily portable and usable for active people on the move. Born out of necessity, WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner was designed as an on-the-go solution to keep your shaker bottles clean, fresh, and stain-free, with no need for extra dishwashing. 

"Don't be stuck without a clean bottle again.

 ~Derick and Mike