Our Story

As college athletes and fitness buffs, we were tired of seeing good shaker bottles go to waste due to odor, stains, and misuse. When the dishwasher didn't cut it, bottles piled up in the sink. Less than clean containers ended up in the locker room, gym bag, and car, only to be used reluctantly.  After years of wasted money and time, we had enough. From work, to the gym, to the field, we realized that the solution to the dirty shaker bottle problem had to be portable, fast, and powerful. It had to rival the dishwasher in effectiveness but beat it in the areas of speed, convenience, and stain removal. Born out of necessity, WheyClean™ Bottle Cleaner was designed as an on-the-go solution to keep your shaker bottles clean, fresh, and stain-free, with no need for extra dishwashing. 

Proper maintenance of your bottles leads to less wasted money, saved time,  and a better routine in and out of the gym. Throw a few packets of WheyClean®  in your gym bag and go!


 ~Derick and Mike 


   ✔ No artificial dies or scents       
          ✔ No harsh chemicals like chlorine  
✔ Mineral-based cleaners         
✔ Potent Citrus Extracts            


 Clean Better Today.