Smelly Shaker Bottle

Have you ever had a dirty shaker bottle that you forgot in your car or bag? The smell, the wasted money, it isn't pretty. Many times, once we end up remembering we didn't clean the bottle, it is too late...

Wasting bottles is just like tossing money in the garbage. It hurts. We at WheyClean® know the problem well. After countless dollars spent on new bottles over the years, we wanted to find a way to we could clean on the spot, with little effort. The solution had to portable, something that could be used with just a little bit of water and a quick shake. After a year of development, WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner was born. 

At the office, gym, traveling, or elsewhere, WheyClean® ended up being a lifesaver. The packets are extremely handy, water resistant and sealed for use anywhere. We bring the product to you as the solution to the dirty shaker bottle problem and seek your help to keep smelly shakers off the streets and out of the gym!

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