How Clean Bottles Save You Money

As consumers we love to save. When we achieve a great product for a great price, that is called "value." With so many great shakers out there, it is truly a loss when so many end up in the trash due to lack of easy cleaning options.  WheyClean® delivers value because with every use, you save yourself the cost of a wasted bottle! So many bottles get tossed for no other reason besides misuse.

We created this project with you in mind. We wanted to give everyone who is active, on-the-go, and busy with an portable, fast, and effective way to clean your bottles and save you money. 
WheyClean® was the product of former college housemates looking for a great solution and not finding one. WheyClean® was designed with you in mind, to save money, save time, and offer an easy way to keep your bottles clean. 

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