How to Clean Protein Shaker Bottles

Many shaker bottle companies will have you believe their bottles are something close to "stink proof." But let's be realistic, regardless of the material, shape, or design, a closed container containing supplement residue or any dairy based product will SMELL.

While WheyClean® is not going to replace your dishwasher, it will surely supplement it. If you want to clean your bottle fast and avoid the purported dangers of dishwasher heat and chemical leaching, WheyClean® is your answer. 

Step 1. 

Rinse out larger debris with water. Use lukewarm or cool water. 

Step 2. 

Rip open a packet of WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner and empty the contents into empty bottle.

Step 3. 

Fill bottle one third of the way with lukewarm or cool water.

Step 4. 

Close lid tightly and shake for 15-30 seconds.

Step 5. 

Carefully open away from face into sink. 

Step 6. 

Rinse and dry. 

If you use WheyClean® as directed, your bottle will be clean and fresh for its next use! 

What to Do Now
Invest in a great high quality bottle, preferably stainless steel, glass, or high quality plastic tested to high standards. Stock up on some WheyClean® to store in your gym bag or cupboard for the week. GO.