Why You need This Bottle Cleaner In Your Life

Let's Pretend you are at work. To avoid chatting with Chet, the tech guy who always creeps at your desk, you get up to make a shake. 

Mmm yum. Ok, done with that. You have a few options now:

  • Option one. Use the beef-liver-looking community sponge and flowery apricot soap #9 to clean the mess that is the bottom of your bottle. Tantalizing. 

  • Option two. Let the bottle sit and go back to talk to Chet. Ah, a pile of bacterial growth product... and a nasty shaker bottle brewing in your gym bag. A perfect way to waste the $26.99 you dropped on your new Umoro bottle. 

  • Option three. Use WheyClean®.

    Now we hate to do toot our own horn...no wait we love to do it and this is why:

    WheyClean® won't make your bottle smell like Aunt Greta's potpourri and you don't have to use a gnarly knuckle shaped sponge that looks like a used brake pad. Plus, it works anywhere and you don't even need that much water. RIP, SHAKE, RINSE. That is it. 

    If you already have a shaker that is on the verge of death, just soak it in WheyClean®. The product was specifically formulated to deal with the nastiness using mineral based ingredients that actually work. Think dishwasher pod for your bottle without the cracking and warping that dishwashers cause.

  • Non-toxic

  • Chlorine Free

  • Residue Free

    Go get some WheyClean® and take advantage of all the time you DON'T have to talk to Chet. Oh yea, and all the time and money you save cleaning your bottles the right way, wherever you happen to be.

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