Finally! An EASY Way to Clean Your Shakers.

Ugh, the gross smell of your shaker bottle after you leave it in your gym bag! There is no worse smell than spoiled supplements or smoothies stinking up your favorite bottle after a whole day left uncleaned. Welcome WheyClean®, the on-the-go shaker bottle cleaner designed to wipe out the odors and stains left behind by powdered supplements, smoothies, iced coffee, or anything in-between. 

With higher quality reusable bottles hitting the shelves, it is about time for a complimentary cleaning solution to come along. WheyClean® offers an easy way to clean fitness shaker bottles without the mess, residue, or time spent using traditional cleaning methods. Created by two college athletes, WheyClean® is perfect for any fitness enthusiast or athlete looking for an easy way to clean up, wherever you happen to be! WheyClean® uses a mineral-based solution and is free of chlorine, artificial colors or scents, and leaves no residue. Come try the best  solution to an annoying problem!