What's in WheyClean®?
WheyClean® contains mineral-based cleaners, citrus extracts, and naturally derived soaping agents. WheyClean® is free of harsh chemicals like chlorine, is non-toxic (ewg.org), and does does not use artificial scents or dyes. 

In what kinds of  shaker bottles can I use WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner?
  WheyClean® can be used to clean most widely available reusable BPA free plastic , stainless steel, and glass bottles when used as directed on package. 

Can I use WheyClean® to clean other containers? 
WheyClean® is designed for shaker bottles and similar reusable containers.  Please check with manufacturers for any particular restrictions. Ere on the side of caution when using with bottles with filters or devices that have moving parts as they may need to be removed to clean container effectively. 

Can I soak my bottle with WheyClean™ ?
 Yes, soaking BPA free plastic, stainless steel, or glass bottles with WheyClean®  is effective at tackling stubborn stains and odors.  

I have an Aluminum water bottle. Can I use WheyClean® in it?
While short duration cleaning is ok, we do not recommend  prolonged soaking in aluminum containers. 

Is WheyClean® safe?
WheyClean® is safe and and effective when used as directed and is free of chlorine, phosphates, and other harsh chemicals.  Please read instructions/warnings on packet before use and use common sense when handling any soap product. 

Will WheyClean® leave any smell of its own?
While WheyClean® is lightly scented, it should not leave a lingering odor in your bottle. 



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