The Shaker Bottle Cleaner.™

A Clean Bottle, Anywhere.

How it Works

  Why Use WheyClean® ?

 Let's face it, shaker bottles can really stink...literally! 
WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner is the fastest and most effective way to clean your bottles.

   ✔ Safe and Effective cleaning on-the-go or at home
✔ Faster than hand-washing or dishwashing
         ✔ Perfect for shakers and water bottles that aren't dishwasher friendly  


What's Special About WheyClean®?

WheyClean® was formulated to specifically target the odors and stains left behind by protein powders, supplements, and smoothies.

 ✔ Potent citrus extracts for a powerful clean
✔ Safe and naturally derived deodorizers
✔ No artificial dyes or scents
✔ No harsh chemicals like chlorine
✔ Leaves no soapy residue    


Packaged in portable stick packs and perfect for travel. Throw some WheyClean® Bottle Cleaner in your gym bag and keep those bottles clean on-the-go!



 Perfect for your busy day, WheyClean® will have your bottle clean and ready to go in seconds. Just rip open the pack, shake up with water, and rinse out. It is that easy.     




 Whether it's from a protein shake, smoothie, or your favorite pre-workout, WheyClean® fights odors and stains with powerful citrus extracts and won't leave residue like dish soap. Stubborn stain or odor? Soak it. Never be without a clean bottle again!


Use WheyClean™ for a Better Clean, Anywhere

What People Are Saying About WheyClean®

Shaker Bottle SAVED!
We loved the innovative new WheyClean bottle cleaner. Just use one packet to get your shaker bottles clean and gunk-free in no time.
My bottle is always with me so WheyClean is a must when I’m out all day.
— Alex, Professional Trainer, NASM CPT